Sunday, October 30, 2011

Iban of Dijih made a victim by Government Land Development scam

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Agnes Daya fighting for her rights – and whose is Pelita Holding?

Brave Iban lady Agnes Daya defied a court injunction applied by Pelita Holdings to collect oil palm fruits from her own NCR land, because the joint venture had failed to deliver the 30% profit to the natives shareholders since 1999. A hundred of her neighbors turned up to Sibu High Court to stop her from being arrested by police, in a rare show of courage by the usually timid community in Sarawak!

BN continue the land grab and promote land development scam

The Dayak courage is always in us but we refrain from using it. However, a day will come when the land grab by BN government will resulted in ugly incident. The people who will suffer or has suffered are the poor Dayak and to some extend the police who has to enforce public peace at the expense of their own personal safety. The people who happily walk to the banks are the land developer investors and the BN political cronies.

Joseph Mauh , Joseph entulu or Tan Sri James jemut Masing really do not care for Dayak in Dijih Selangau

When you see such scene – this is evidence of Dayak Iban being marginalize by the government. Do you think BN – Taib care? Do you think Joseph Mauh and Entulu care about the rights of Iban in Dijih? But time and time again BN will win the election because the Iban are illiterate and easy for BN to manipulate. BN made innocent people suffer by arresting them when their only intention and action is to get a fair deal from the land.

The investor would refused to talk to them or even send in gangster to cowed or frighten the Iban. Worst still the politically appointed Dayak community leader will suppress their own people instead of speaking on their behalf. BN has totally made the Dayak community leadership an extended arm of their political agenda.

Dayak must continue to fight for their rights and continue to fight harder for it

But Dayak must continue to resist, to fight the wrong, to speak out. This is our land and land is our livelihood. In Libya, Eygpt it is the people power and the people blood that bring the downfall of dictator . Is Taib a dictator – YES he is! We must bring such dictatorship down.

Taib is a dictator in Sarawak

To all Dayakbaru – please take note that this blog is under constant attack by spam in the thousands. Who attack this blog? Only those who has something to hide will do it. Who is that BN. That is evidence enough we are under a dictatorship and the person is Taib. Election is just a mean to legitimize his position as the dictator.


It is time we have to consider going to the street seriously. The like of Tan Sri James Jemut Masing and Tan Sri Jabu are only after their own personal get rich agenda. they do not work to help the Dayak people who voted for them. our leaders give away our land to investors and let us suffer to bring up our children.

p/s: Myjulau only want to share the news so everyone may know what was going on.

Im Back!

Been a long time since i didn't update my blog and im back. Sibuk enggau pengawa serta part time tin ngasuh ku lama nadai ngabas blog aku tu. Ngagai sapa ti ngabas blog aku, meri besai terima kasih alu SELAMAT DATAI...

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Begambar enggau bala kaban maia kursus ba Taiping, Perak. Ari kiba Jamba, aku enggau Harrison.

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Lagu Sembiang

Praise to the Lord!

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BBQ Night ba Padang Kawad

Kemari pasukan kami bisi nganjurka BBQ Night sempena Malam Sekalung Budi. Semua program ka diatur bejalai enggau manah lalu penyampau bala anggota ti datai lebih ari 300 iko orang. Band ka dijemput kami ianya ari sepiak kem kami empu ti ngemanas ka agi malam sekalung budi tu tadi. Lagu ti dimain sida ianya lagu ari Sudirman, Siti Sarah enggau Inul (siap enggau goyang maut!Perghh!!).